Need to be more active in internet...

 100+ Readers THANK YOU!!!
I'm so sorry for lack of updates... I'm a very bad blogger. Have lots of things to tell about, but just being lazy or busy while having free time from studies. Sometimes it seems my little brain is too slow for learning such a difficult language T_T.
I'm also busy with moving to another flat... Just tired of spending time every day and living in my current shitty flat. Need something better.
Now I also have a chance for love... *congratulations to myself*
Was going to lives sometimes. Yesterday there was event in AREA with Born and Screw. I went there with my friend who loves Screw))).
It was very fun to go with a friend))). I usually go alone and it's... not that much fun.
Need to take purikuras more often. Shots with merch towels rocks.
Born stuff... Towel, photo, Dogma... We're also going to oneman on 13 march. Can't wait...*_*


「Explosion showcase~Paradoxial Alliance-~」 tour final. And many other things...

Had no time to post... A really good thing happened to me, but that is a secret. I feel so nervous.
Have been to 「Explosion showcase~Paradoxial Alliance-~」 tour final, which was in 渋谷O-WEST. Great event, at least 3 bands I love X).
Lycaon / 砂月 / ベルベット / UnsraW / VII-Sense / DIAURA / Megaromania / Para:noir / お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 / guest;凛
Haven't seen Satsuki since oneman and was so happy. I go to every his live and stand in 1-2 line. New style is so elegant.
 Also was so much impressed by 凛, going to see them more often because it was just so precious, can't describe it. The other bands went to а balcon of lifehouse to see them too X).
As for my look, I'm so in love with this long dress *__*.
Had ticket, but skipped lycaon special oneman. I'd be sad about it, but since monday don't pay attention to everything around me much. At that time I was getting new keitai, it took plenty of time, but I'm happy. Want some deco.
That day some gaijin men called me "gothic". I'm not, but I will find your house and burn it X). Some time ago I got 2 Sex Pot items I wanted (except bag, black print is sold out), but you can't see tham well because of coat.
By the way, if the most unmatching bed cover of mine is zebra print, black with pink polka dots is the most matching.
Now I'm wearing this lashes most part of time, and highly recomend it. Those seem to be my favorite ever. Don't have any close pictures of it on my eyes, but believe me, looks great.
Thank you for reading...)))
Lol, wanted to see inu para so badly, haven't seen them for...more than year?, but they were playing in the opposite lifehouse (O-EAST) with many bands at the same time when event in O-EAST was going X).


Room changes. Fighting with mess. Round 100500.

Of course I got drunk as hell in club, many men buy me alchohol lmao. Even no photo of outfit, there was no time before going out. Didn't get into trouble, but lost one of my credit cards and will get it back only tomorrow. Just hate Roppongi, the only time I went there before I woke up somewhere in Shibuya, cought a cold after sleeping naked (I never slept naked before and after this case will not lol), was sick about a week. Something always happen to me >_<. It's just so lame......
When I woke up today (thanks God, at home), realised that I made such a mess when was looking for analgesic, it just makes me mad when head aches and there is no painkiller around + was out of my mind.
I guess nobody thinks I'm cute after reading all this, but oh well... it can not be helped and I don't care, not going to pretend being sweetest person in the world ^^.
Still fighting with mess and will win soon for sure! Got a shelf thing and box.
Looks nice. I spend lot of time at home, so it's important to make it bright and inspiring.
In Akihabara picked up new Rillak-family member!
 By the way, new camera is nikon coolpix s5100, had some pretty same model before, but forgot it in Moscow at Luka's place before going back to Tokyo >_<. The quality of pictures is good enough.
Got some journals, let's look into hevn with me and Korilakkuma. There are stylish Screw.
Necklace, NECKLACE *___*
Manabu had some problem with eyes and lens that day or it's his usual look...?X)
I love "favorite item" theme, just as much as "what's in your bag", want to make it some day.


Hello hello...

Just a quick update to make my readers sure I'm still alive. I was so busy with studies and yesterday my phone which helped me to wake up in the morning, watch time, listen music, take pictures, know about visa balance and play stupid game about paris hilton lol, went nuts and got broken. I even didn't something special, all tech doesn't work right in my hands, it is my damnation. So, to avoid hiatus today I went to Akihabara and got better camera. As long as more and more people add Royal Order, I want to make it more informative, so a better quality pictures will help.
The last picture from my phone is picture from Harajuku WC (just as usual lol) after going to salon, where I got my new hair. Finally. There are not so many photo of every day me after classes, salon and tired, so let it be here.

I’m starting my starvation therapy again, just hate being not that much skinny as I want, need to lose weight. Now I’m doing it carefully, already used to stay in hospital because of my eating disorders about 3 years ago. Better to starve than being not beautiful and unpleased with yourself. I think nothing looks good on fat or plus size people. Sorry.
I ate strawberry 2 days ago, Japan has such a beautiful strawberry.
There was an event with Lycaon, their new outfits are so... hot))). Can't wait to go to oneman on 8th.
Yuki is such a diva......
Got a stap...
 Now I'm going to some club, but I promise to behave myself decently, don't get drunk as hell and wright interesting blog posts after... Enjoy EROS while I'm drinking vodka.