On friday I was waiting for my friend near Hachiko and have seen gaijin gyaru, but I was too shy to come and get acquainted, just waved them with my most idiotic smile ever X). I think being that shy will make me lonely for a long long time... but if someone wants to meet me, feel free to send a massage.
We were drinking beer and had a good time, somehow i skipped the last train!
I got Cure and Men's knuckle (showing Cure from the back side because i love Dog in the pwo and on the cover there is some creepy photo).
There is Mitsu dressed in Sex Pot Revenge in Cure, do want to get!
Didn't check the Revenge for a long time, but was wearing it often before (in the first picture in the post wearing their muffler). I like some items which are currently in the store *_*. Pants *__*.
Parka ^^.
Onepiece ^^

And bag *___*. Had pretty same before with leopard print.

There is also the cutest style council ever with V-last! Hiro and Yoshi are the prettiest twins in the world *__*.
Thumbing through Men's Knuckle I got inspired by page with Jury Black clothing and Ryoma wearing leopard print ^^.

Midnight Mess 29.2.2011

Yesterday I went to Midnight Mess party in Shinjuku MARZ and even though I was drinking hard it was boring as hell.
There was some fetish show, Selia was singing, dj Sisen was playing... don't remember anything else about what was going on X).May be because nothing was going on.
My outfit was looking good, but I was too lazy to take better pictures. I was wearing long dress, granny's collar and heels. Going to wear this dress more often, it's so beautiful and the only long dress I currently have, always wanted to get some, but finding short one is much easier.
 Here you can see make and nails. I was using some Dolly wink lashes, don't remeber the number, like them pretty much, they look so long and at the same time natural.
More nails... At the moment it's pretty hard to type this blog post because I don't give the fuck where is the nail glue remover XD.
Couple days ago there was such a glamorous sky.
Today I'm going to update blog more and do some stuff like fighting with mess in the room... naaaa weekends come to an end so fast T_T.
I'm so happy about seing Lin soon, they are playing in the same tour with Satsuki and Lycaon now.
Actually I do not like any Under Code bands unless Riku sings there X). I even have a big Phantasmagoria poster in my room X).


Do you believe in heaven above?

This 2 days i opened my eyes 2 minutes before the alarm starts to ring, it seems strange to me. In the morning i was making coffee being still half-asleep in pijamas when someone rang the door... French volonteurs wanted to talk to me about faith again. They went all:
-.........bla-bla-bla, didn't we wake you up?
-NO, I'd already kill you if you did...-I thought before asking them to leave me alone because I was busy.
Just can't understand the point... Is it God asked you to disturb people in the morning to talk about faith??? I don't think Jesus needs your fucking promotion, he's popular without.
This was what they gave me.
And today i bought tickets to Area, 2.27 Born/Screw/R-15/Aube for me and my friend.
So... Have to prepair to kanji-test if I don't want to fail it >_<.
Just love pictures with random people on the background... X)
Wish you to have no kanji test and be happy, bye-bye!


winter apathy and being anti-social

Today is such a lazy day, I even didn't go to see Born. Just have no mood to go. I have mood only to sit at home, watch movies and spoil diet >_<. So today I ended up taking some pictures with rilakkuma...
Now I use new lotions, got them during my holiday trip to Russia. Devoted creations for tanning and Rain after. Haven’t been tanning for a while and skin looks so pale T_T.
 And this for making my skin not so dry, it suffers because I'm all the time with condition turned on heat.
Yesterday after live (actually I just skipped Skull) I got 2 items from Heaven and Earth, 109 was almost closing. Such a rock item.
And a simple black coat with fur collar, the most needed winter thing.
Little tiny Mao.......


SKULL Presents THE BEGINNING OF DOOM AND DECAY -But my glitter does not wither-“act.I”

Finally I can update my blog! I want to do it more often, but don’t have anything to tell about during the studies week and don’t want to bother you with plenty of little random posts. 
First 50 followers DONE! Actually I'm very glad to see you here and read your comments on everyday_gyaru. In russian community (if it can be called a community... lmao) I usually get some stupid comments or something like "Y U NO GYARU Y U  VISUAL" about my style from those who only lurk model's blogs all day long and don't even have a single photo of themselfs on their pages. So... just thank you.
Today I have been to the event in Shibuya BOXX, there were Born, V-last, Unsraw, Skull, Velbet, xTriPx. Seing Born and V-last made my day, it was hot just as usual. Sorry, I'm not talanted in writing live reports X). Got posters, V-last and new Born Dogma poster. As you can see, this week i finally got a MIRROR!!!*__* Needed it so badly.
 Shiena from V-last is becoming one of my inspirations, I just like his style so much *__*
He has tan and highlight on nose and the whole make up is so great *__*
My today's look was a bit boyish again, now i'm very into it, and want to wear it more often. Merch t-shirts suits my style a lot, today I'm wearing Born National Black Prodigy one.
Very little make up, no lashes.
My room has some positive changes, today courier brought me curtains which I purchased couple days ago. I just hated previous yellow ones so much... 
 Me with my little baby curtains... I don't look that much happy, but believe me, I am...)
Better picture of mirror and part of room.
Thanks for attention...))) May be there will be one more update today))).


「Destruction In Ksana FINAL」3MAN

So... i went to Area to see Born with Unsraw and Sel'm. Somehow overslept and was late, but that was ok as long as Born were playing after Sel'm. They were just great as usual). After Born there were Unsraw, i used to like them a lot, but after members changed, i do not, now seing them live after a long time i'm sure in it.
Got Born poster.
 As for the outfit there was nothing special, took only one picture in live house...
And some more at home after live, was freezing so much...
Had nice fake nails ^^.
Heels made me feel like i'm in hell, got those from topshop in Moscow and couldn't even imagine how uncomfortable they are! HATE HATE HATE.......
Thanks for attention... ah, there are already 35 people reading my blog, how cute...


it's so hard to start....

Hello to everyone who is reading my new english blog ^^. Mostly this blog will be about style and music, i hope to make it worth reading.
I am from Moscow, but moved to Tokyo and study in a language academy. Don't have any friends here, go to visual lives often. Nothing more to say about my activities in Japan). But i would like to meet some new people and hang out).
Yesterday i made this hair style and now it reminds me Aoi from Megayabie  sorry Ayabie for some reason X). Clothes are from River Island and muffler from Hellcat Punks.
Came back from my winter holiday in monday and it is so cold here in the flat!!! Yes, Russia is actually much colder in winter, but it is cold only outside, thanks God for central heating. Miss warm houses so badly >_<. And miss my friends, here i'm lonely. May be this lonely feeling made me start to post to communities and make an english blog...?X)
Trying to fight with mess in my small room (big in local standarts, but still small and has no cabinets and only one little shelf thingie). But at the moment mess actually wins >_<. Got boxes yesterday, i'm addicted to cute room stuff.
Curent style on the wall... can't wait to wear this super long dress, which i got from River Island *__*
Close up of the dress, this collar and necklace look great with it. Dunno why dress looks  green on a picture, it's dark grey.
In Moscow granny gave me collar, which was in the cabinet for 15 years! Looks great. Actually i do not like the fact i'm wearing real fur, but artificial fur looks... eh... not that good.
Got tickets, that means now i have some weekends plans and will post more pictures of outfits. Also will have a fangirly mood X). Tomorrow there are Born/Unsraw/Sel'm in Area. Rilakkumas feel so excited about it...
Wanted to go tanning, but i currently need to study, don't want to fail kanji-test in monday... Later i will post more about shopping and stuff, there was lots of as long as there was New Year and my birthday 2 days ago.